Extortion and Blackmail

What is the difference between blackmail and extortion? Extortion and blackmail are both very similar crimes, and each have the same penalties. Extortion and blackmail crimes involve threats made against another person to do violence to them or their property. This can include threatening to reveal embarrassing, incriminating or socially damaging information about a person, for … Continue reading Extortion and Blackmail

Centrelink Fraud in Australia

Centrelink fraud – how serious is it? Centrelink fraud is estimated to cost the Australian government approximately $3.5 billion dollars each year. Fraudulently obtaining payments you are not entitled to through Centrelink is a Commonwealth offence that can come with some serious penalties. What is it Centrelink fraud? Centrelink fraud is when one deliberately misleads Centrelink in-order-to … Continue reading Centrelink Fraud in Australia

NSW Covert Cameras

Regardless of whether you are checking directions, seeing who a text message is from or changing your music playlist, in New South Wales, new high-tech cameras are catching drivers for using their mobile phones. In an unprecedented move, this innovative technology has been rolled out across 45 locations throughout New South Wales since September 2019 … Continue reading NSW Covert Cameras