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Underage Witnesses in Queensland Courts

Children as witnesses in Queensland Children and underage youth are sometimes required to be witnesses in a court room. Unfortunately, in many cases, these children are the victims of the crime itself. When placed on the stand, they are subject to some quite direct, intimidating, traumatising and sometimes misleading questions which can cause further compounded…

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Drug Diversion Program

What is drug diversion? Drug diversion is a program that has been set up to try to tackle illicit drug use in its early stages and prevent further drug offences from occurring. It is an education and drug assessment program that minor drug offence defendants who have pleaded guilty can sometimes be ordered to attend….

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Appealing a Sentence

How do you appeal a criminal sentence? Those who have been dealt with a sentence they believe is unfair or overly harsh for the crime committed may have the opportunity to appeal the court decision. A defendant may wish to appeal their sentence if they have sufficient grounds with a view to reduce or replace…

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Medicinal Cannabis in Queensland

Medicinal Cannabis Cannabis – also known as marijuana – has been used for centuries for medicinal, spiritual and recreational purposes. It is also a well-used source of industrial fiber, seed oil and food in its other forms. Cannabis is currently neither legal, nor is it decriminalised in Queensland. However, cannabis is used recreationally in most countries…

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Extortion and Blackmail

What is the difference between blackmail and extortion? Extortion and blackmail are both very similar crimes, and each have the same penalties. Extortion and blackmail crimes involve threats made against another person to do violence to them or their property. This can include threatening to reveal embarrassing, incriminating or socially damaging information about a person, for…

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Youth Justice and Juvenile Crime

Understanding youth justice and juvenile crime In Australia, children are not held criminally responsible for their actions until they have reached 10 years of age. It is understood that children under 10 are not yet fully developed an understanding of right from wrong, thus they cannot be held accountable for their actions. The Australian legal…

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Producing Dangerous Drugs

What are the penalties for producing dangerous drugs? In Australia, a person who unlawfully produces a dangerous drug is guilty of a crime. However, when we say ‘produce’, we are not just referring to the manufacturing of a dangerous drug – it also involves packaging them for sale, harvesting plants that grow dangerous drugs, preparing…

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Drug and Alcohol Court

Queensland’s Drug and Alcohol Court: Addressing the Root Cause of Crime In Queensland, we have a significant drug and alcohol problem that is prevalent in our communities. In many cases each week, this is the reason for a significant number of criminal offences. So, how can we actually fix this? A jail sentence is unlikely…

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Unlawful Possession of Stolen Property – QLD

The ease of selling items on Gumtree, eBay and Facebook these days makes it an easy avenue for thieves to sell stolen property quickly, relatively anonymously and unlawfully. However, theft is not the only crime in this situation; the Summary Offences Act 2005 includes the offence of unlawfully possessing stolen property. Therefore, buyers need to…