ASIC Investigations


What is an ASIC investigation? Why and how are they conducted? The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) investigates and prosecutes breaches of corporate law by corporations, directors and officers. Their work is carried out under the Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001. Breaches of corporate law can have some serious consequences for a business and the … Continue reading ASIC Investigations

Setting Aside Default Judgements

Firstly, what are default judgements? Default judgments occur when people do not respond to a lawsuit or debt collector, and a judge resolves the case without ever hearing the defendant’s side. In effect, they are found guilty because they never actually entered a defence, therefore, a judgement is made, setting out the amount of money … Continue reading Setting Aside Default Judgements

Trademarking your business name QLD

Should you trademark your business name? It is granted that everyone’s business is unique. Therefore, it is no surprise that everyone wants their business to stand out from its competitors and be identifiable to their perspective audience. Perhaps the best way of achieving this is registering a trademark on a business name or logo, giving … Continue reading Trademarking your business name QLD