Medicinal Cannabis in Queensland


Medicinal Cannabis Cannabis – also known as marijuana – has been used for centuries for medicinal, spiritual and recreational purposes. It is also a well-used source of industrial fiber, seed oil and food in its other forms. Cannabis is currently neither legal, nor is it decriminalised in Queensland. However, cannabis is used recreationally in most countries … Continue reading Medicinal Cannabis in Queensland

How can I reduce my legal costs?

Sometimes, high legal costs deter individuals and businesses from seeking the necessary legal support, but there are ways you can ensure your legal costs do not blow out unexpectedly. Get organised Find all of the necessary documentation you might need that is relevant to your legal case – this is all contracts, key communications, dates … Continue reading How can I reduce my legal costs?

Trusts, Trustees and Beneficiaries – QLD

What is a trust? Put simply, a trust is a relationship between 3 people: a settlor, a trustee and a beneficiary. Despite what many believe, it is not something just for incredibly wealthy families, and also not just for an entity like a company is. Here is a simple explanation into the different components that … Continue reading Trusts, Trustees and Beneficiaries – QLD

Casual Employee Rights in QLD

It is the fast-approaching time of the year when a lot of businesses will be hiring extra workers to cover the busy, upcoming holiday period. The employment is usually for a short period and employees are typically hired on a casual basis to cater for this interim influx of customers and work. Understanding your employment … Continue reading Casual Employee Rights in QLD

Cybersecurity, Law Firms and You


Just like any other business in this day and age, law firms face a new breed of criminal: cyber-based criminals. Cyber-attacks and data breaches have increased over 700% since February last year in Australia. Despite this, companies and employees are more often than not, untrained, uneducated and ill-equipped to deal with such attacks. What are … Continue reading Cybersecurity, Law Firms and You

When should you appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney?

While most people will already have a Will in place, very few people will make provisions for someone to make important decisions when they are not able to. That is where an Enduring Power of Attorney comes in. An Enduring Power of Attorney gives the person you nominate the power to make decisions on your … Continue reading When should you appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney?