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Criminal Trials in Australia

Criminal Trials A criminal is given the opportunity to be fairly and equitably trialed for the very reason that the system aims to prevent locking up innocent people until proven guilty. It’s for this reason that a criminal trial exists so that an impartial judge can decide whether sufficient evidence has been presented and legally…

Criminal Law

Forensic Procedures in Queensland

Forensic Procedures Forensic procedures are part of a police investigations. It generally involves taking a sample from a person for investigative purposes. It’s important you understand your rights when it comes to taking part in forensic procedures. What is a forensic procedure? Common forensic procedures include taking finger, toe, feet or hand prints, photos or…

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Underage Witnesses in Queensland Courts

Children as witnesses in Queensland Children and underage youth are sometimes required to be witnesses in a court room. Unfortunately, in many cases, these children are the victims of the crime itself. When placed on the stand, they are subject to some quite direct, intimidating, traumatising and sometimes misleading questions which can cause further compounded…

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Drug Diversion Program

What is drug diversion? Drug diversion is a program that has been set up to try to tackle illicit drug use in its early stages and prevent further drug offences from occurring. It is an education and drug assessment program that minor drug offence defendants who have pleaded guilty can sometimes be ordered to attend….

Criminal Law

Summary Offences and Indictable Offences

What is the difference between summary and indictable offences? There are many different terms used in the legal system, which can be often confusing for the average person. If someone is arrested and charged with an offence, their offence is categorised based on the seriousness of it. This influences which type of Court the matter…

Criminal Law

Appealing a Sentence

How do you appeal a criminal sentence? Those who have been dealt with a sentence they believe is unfair or overly harsh for the crime committed may have the opportunity to appeal the court decision. A defendant may wish to appeal their sentence if they have sufficient grounds with a view to reduce or replace…

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Medicinal Cannabis in Queensland

Medicinal Cannabis Cannabis – also known as marijuana – has been used for centuries for medicinal, spiritual and recreational purposes. It is also a well-used source of industrial fiber, seed oil and food in its other forms. Cannabis is currently neither legal, nor is it decriminalised in Queensland. However, cannabis is used recreationally in most countries…

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Trespassing Laws in QLD

Understanding trespassing and your rights One of the simplest ways to test if trespass has occurred is if there has been a deliberate intention to enter another person’s property. This does not have to be the registered land owner, just the lawful occupier of the land or premises. In this blog we explain a little…

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Extortion and Blackmail

What is the difference between blackmail and extortion? Extortion and blackmail are both very similar crimes, and each have the same penalties. Extortion and blackmail crimes involve threats made against another person to do violence to them or their property. This can include threatening to reveal embarrassing, incriminating or socially damaging information about a person, for…