General Law

Disputing a Centrelink decision

Disagreeing with a Centrelink decision Everyone has the right to get a review of almost any decision that Centrelink makes, whether it is about raising a debt or reducing payment. There are quite a number of levels of the review process. Your appeal can be escalated through each of these if you continue to disagree…

Criminal Law

Summary Offences and Indictable Offences

What is the difference between summary and indictable offences? There are many different terms used in the legal system, which can be often confusing for the average person. If someone is arrested and charged with an offence, their offence is categorised based on the seriousness of it. This influences which type of Court the matter…

General Law

Elder Abuse in Queensland

Elder Abuse It is not uncommon to hear of heartbreaking stories of older people being bullied or manipulated against their wishes, mistreated, or feeling confused about their rights. Often, elders don’t know who to speak to and are afraid it may worsen the abuse. Elder abuse is never ok, and there are an alarming number…


Summary Dismissal

What is a summary dismissal? Summary dismissal is when an employee is dismissed from their job without any notice. They are paid only up until the time of their dismissal. Summary dismissal, also known as instant dismissal, can only be enforced in certain circumstances. These circumstances are limited, and it is important that you are…


Road rules for cyclists

Road rules and cyclists in Queensland What are the rules for cyclists on the roads in QLD? There are quite a few things that cyclists need to know to ensure they are following the rules when riding on the road safely. Not knowing these or being unsure of the rules could be unsafe for the…

Criminal Law

Appealing a Sentence

How do you appeal a criminal sentence? Those who have been dealt with a sentence they believe is unfair or overly harsh for the crime committed may have the opportunity to appeal the court decision. A defendant may wish to appeal their sentence if they have sufficient grounds with a view to reduce or replace…

Employment Law

Workers Compensation QLD

Workers Compensation Legislative Amendments On 22nd October 2019, the government of Queensland passed the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2019 to improve the compensation claims experience for injured workers and to ensure better recovery of vulnerable workers with psychological and physical injuries, by providing adequate rehabilitation and return to work services….

Commercial Law


For those who have run a business, the terms receivership, administration, bankruptcy and liquidation are used widely to describe businesses that is in trouble. While these are all related to a certain degree, they are all different situations, that can result in different outcomes for business. In this article, we will discuss what it means…

Family Law

How to Challenge a Will

Challenging a Will A Will is a legal document that outlines your wishes with regard to how you would like your property and assets to be distributed once you die. If you die without a Will, your wishes may not be followed. In fact, even with a Will in place, there is the ability for…